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Tuesday, 09 August 2011
Sampoerna Academy Inauguration - The first step towards achievements

Tears of joy and a sense of pride marked the Sampoerna Academy Inauguration ceremonies held separately in four cities in Indonesia: Malang (14 July), Palembang (18 July), Bogor (21 July), and Bali (28 July). The annual event is held to welcome new students and to provide them with the opportunity to thank their parents and bid them goodbye as they join the Sampoerna Academy to seek knowledge and develop their characters.

In the Sampoerna Academy Inauguration ceremony in Malang on July 14, 150 students were inaugurated as Sampoerna Academy students, class of 2011/2015. During their studies, these future leaders of the nation will receive aid from PT HM Sampoerna, Tbk as resident donor.

“We realize that education is essential in increasing public welfare,” said Henny Susanto, Head of Regional Relations of PT HM Sampoerna Tbk.

The event was also attended by Hj. Niken Santjoyo, Headmaster of SMAN 10 Malang (Sampoerna Academy); Nenny Soemawinata, Managing Director of Putera Sampoerna Foundation; and Drs. Sugiharto, Administration Assistant to the Malang City Administration.

Anisa Naziha (15) and Yusman Ahmad Nur (15), the gold medal winners of the Dreamline 7th International Design Olympiad 2011 in Turkey, also showcased the sophistication of the device they created called Environmental Cycle. This innovative device is strapped to a bicycle, and could utilize the energy generated through the bicycle pedals to save up to 680% of the rider’s energy. Not to be left behind, other Sampoerna Academy students also displayed their talents through songs and dances.

Four days later, on July 18, 2011 a Sampoerna Academy Inauguration ceremony was held in Palembang, South Sumatra. Present at the event were Yusri Effendi, South Sumatra Provincial Secretary; Erma Retnowati, Headmaster of SMAN Sumatera Selatan (Sampoerna Academy); and Nenny Soemawinata, Managing Director of Putera Sampoerna Foundation. The ceremony welcomed 100 achieving students to the Sampoerna Academy.

As a gesture of support, the ceremony was highlighted by the signing of a Memorandum of Understanding between Putera Sampoerna Foundation and Bank Mandiri, followed by a symbolic handover of a donation worth US$125,000.

Other Sampoerna Academy Sumatera Selatan donors also attended the event including PT Suryo Toto Indonesia, PT Conoco Philips, PT High Point, PT XL Axiata, Tbk, and PT Sampoerna Agro.

Pride and joy were not the only sentiments felt during the occasion. Festivities also marked the inauguration ceremony with students performing songs, dances and music pieces.

The same festive atmosphere was also felt in the Sampoerna Academy Inauguration ceremony in Bogor when the Saman Dance was performed on the stage. The event was held on July 21, 2011, and was attended by Kevin Mauritson, Executive Principal of Sampoerna Academy Bogor; Nenny Soemawinata, Managing Director of Putera Sampoerna Foundation; Leigh Evans from PT ExxonMobil; H. Didi Kurnia, SH, Msi., Head of Bogor Regency Education Agency; Ir. H. Husain Ahmad, West Java Province Bappeda Secretary; also Marine Lt. Gen. (ret) Nono Sampono.

On the occasion, ExxonMobil Foundation handed over a donation of US$3.15 million for 200 students for three full years to underline the company’s commitment to supporting the education of underprivileged students through the Sampoerna Academy Bogor. The inauguration event was also a showcase of donor appreciation for PT ExxonMobil and PT XL Axiata, Tbk.

Today, July 28, 2011 Sampoerna Academy Bali also inaugurated 75 new students who would study at the SMAN Bali Mandara (Sampoerna Academy) starting in the 2011/12 academic year.

“SMAN Bali Mandara (Sampoerna Academy) is the first high school in Bali established for achieving students from underprivileged families selected from all over Bali. The school was established through collaboration between the Bali administration and Putera Sampoerna Foundation to expand the opportunity for achieving students from underprivileged families, so that they could bring positive changes to their families, communities, the province and people of Bali, as well as the Indonesian nation,” said Nenny Soemawinata.

A similar view was conveyed by Bali Province Public Relations and Protocol Bureau Head Drs. I Ketut Teneng, SP, M.Si. “On behalf of the people of Bali, we welcome this collaboration and are thankful for the presence of an international-standard school dedicated to achieving students from underprivileged families. This is a great contribution to the people of Bali, and we hope that SMAN Bali Mandara (Sampoerna Academy) will produce future leaders that could bring progress to Bali and also build Indonesia’s reputation on the international scene.”

There are now a total of 993 students at all Sampoerna Academies including 525 new students of class 2011/2012.